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Wonderland Editor

With the editor application you can simply import nearly any popular file format directly into your apps scene. Add some text, animations, existing or custom javascript components and launch directly to the browser.

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Wonderland Engine leverages new technologies like WebAssembly and WebGL 2 to give you solid VR ready performance in the browser. No longer worry about draw calls, the engine and editor do all low level optimization for you.

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Light weight

The web is all about low friction. With every second of load time, your bounce rates increase significantly.
Not only is the engine small and light-weight, but loads super fast thanks to its optimized binary scene file format.

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Having VR and AR on the web avoid barriers to entry like download and install. These new technologies require special care, though, especially in terms of performance and input. With the Wonderland Engine you get the collection our WebAR and WebVR expertise.

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Blog & News

Introduction to WebXR development
Dec 7, 2019

Now that WebXR Device API has reached a stable enough point so that you can start relying on it, how do you get started?

Top 5 WebXR Frameworks - Comparison
Nov 14, 2019

Want to start WebXR development? Here is a comparison of the top 5 frameworks to get you started.

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