Wonderland Engine
High performance, accessible, WebXR focussed graphics engine.

Back in July 2018, the Vhite Rabbit team started building Construct Arcade, the world's first VR browser games portal. With their mission to enable VR browser games by building a VR version of classic browser games portals, they realized that there were a couple of things holding WebXR and VR browser games back:

Lack of an accessible tool, stability and performance.

The Vhite Rabbit team realized, WebXR has a bigger problem that they needed to solve before anything else: lucky to be in the position to do so with their previous experience in C++ and Graphics Development, they set out to build Wonderland Engine.

Wonderland Engine


WASM & Shaders
Thanks to the power of WebAssembly and highly optimized shaders, you can draw many dynamic objects with a single draw call.
Binary Format
Small size
Instead of parsing data at runtime, the editor tools optimize your assets during packaging into an efficient binary format. This format is loaded super fast by the runtime, as no text needs to be parsed.
VR & Ar
The Wonderland Engine was specifically designed for WebVR and WebAR.
With it come integrations with 8thwall and AR.js, controller input and WebXR 1.0 Device API support.
Web Development
Development Speed
Leverage the iteration times of the web. Fast packaging together with hot reload allow almost instant feedback on your project.
UI Editor & Components
Can't code? With our editor comes a range of pre-written JavaScript components that you can use and configure through the UI Editor.
Javascript API
Our JavaScript API allows you to integrate anything you can do in a browser with the engine.
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